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Pansexual and Proud of it
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Franziska Schrder [userpic]

Hi Folks!
I´m new to this site. And so I thought I may leave my Story here. So you can pick it up, read it and maybe leave a comment.

I figured out that I also was also attracted to Girls in a very young Age. The Household I grew up was very Open minded. So when I became 13-14 I began to saw myself more and more as Bisexual. I never had a "real" Coming Out. To my Parents I just mentioned it when our Conversations came to the Dating Topic. And I said
"maybe I would like to have a Girlfriend as well as a Boyfriend".
My Father where very cool about it, since the first second. He absolutely accepted it as part of me.
I´t wasn´t like "I don´t care", but more like "I understand, think it´s cool you don´t lie about it and its absolutely ok for me as long as you are happy".
I´m still overwhelmed, reminding how much he understood it.
On my Mothers side it wasn´t like bad. More the typical frases like "How could you know,yet?"
"Woulnd´t you date a Boy first?" "Aren´t you to young to know for sure?", stuff like that.
The worst Expierence I had on that was that I told a (I thought) close Friend, saying that´s very sensitive Topic for me and I wish her to don´t tell anybody at school. But guess what happend. Yeah...of curse two Days later people rushed on me asking if its true. And in the end of that week Bisexual became Lesbian.
But I did try to stand strong, not hiding anything. Just said "Yeah I like both sexes and I am totally fine with that" and sometimes tried to explain it properly to the People who where open enought to listen.

Since that Time I never made a big deal out of being Bi. I was in a long term Relationship with a Man.
But I never felt like "oh I´m straight now". Never! I never lost my apetite on Woman.
So If I considered myself "Bisexual", why I´m Posting in a Pansexual Community you may Wonder.

Cuz I changed or let´s better say realized, that Bi don´t fits my view on that whole Thing anymore.
The last few Months I watched a lot of Transgender Videos on Youtube. Not because I feel that Way. I´m absolutely ok being a Woman. But rather interrested in the Topic. And I saw myself getting more and more into it. And that as long that I can find something attracting on a Person. Like the Way they move, Parts of their Bodys or their Vioce. I wouln´t mind if he or she is in the middle of Transformation. That The sexual Identity or the biological Sex doesn´t count for me in the Fact If I could have an Releationship with someone.
And so I find myself much more comfortable, finding a word that describes my Feeling so well.

So If you Consider to Comment on that Post. Which I would be very happy about. Than I would like to talk about your Experience with being Pansexual and the Fact its so unknown in Society.

Have a inspired time!

raven1998 [userpic]

So, I'm 14, my name is Raven, and I started question my sexuality around the age of 10, when a girl said something to me that made my heart skip a beat, even though she was only kidding around. It felt natural, and I explored these feelings. I knew I liked girls and guys, but I thought for a bit I might be transgender, because I didn't feel like a girl inside. After a bit of experimentation and research, I came to terms with me being pansexual, gender blind and gender neutral. :D I'm very proud of it too!
I came out as a bisexual because not many people know what pansexuality is down here (Oklahoma). When I was 12, almost 13, the summer before 7th grade, I came out to a friend, and she told people, and I lost all of my friends (and boyfriend of nearly 3 years, mind you) because they were too young and judgmental to understand. >.< I went through a year and a half of bullying and learning to make new friends, but recently my best friend (whom I was in love with, complicated story) backstabbed me and she and I no longer talk, so I am at a loss of friends once more. Soon, 8th grade will be over and I will be going to school online for freshman year. :)

Message me if you have any kind of question! I'm open-minded and I never judge.

~<3 Raven

Hi all,

I came out as pansexual to my close friends two days ago. This is my story:

"By the way, I'm not completely straight. I'm pansexual."

That is exactly how it happened. I felt no need to be embarassed or beat around the bush so I got to the point. It made me laugh when I thought about it later. At this moment in time I have no plans of coming out to anyone else as: 1) a lot of people don't know what it is and 2) it's still considered wrong by the vast majority. Even though I am pansexual myself, I can see why other people find it weird. Bisexuality would be fine but, as soon as people hear that transsexuals, intersex etc. are involved in some way, it becomes weird.

One of the biggest things holding me back from publicly coming out is awkwardness. It's an awkward thing to admit as it's not often heard of. It's like casually telling people you've got a foot fetish, it's one of those things that people judge you on. It's not seen by many as a proper sexuality, more as a weird fetish/experiment. But, you know, that's the world.

I apologise for any spelling mistakes there may be. I'm writing on my iPod.


P.S. I posted this a few minutes ago but decided that using my real name was a bad idea.

Hi everyone! I'm Lainey. I'm totally new to this website and to this community. I'm joining this community because of my sexual orientation and I figure it will be a nice way to meet other people. Here's a bit about me:
1. I love to write stories.
2. I'm unsure of my religious beliefs, I mean, I believe in God, but I don't know much past that. I'm still trying to figure it out.
3. I love music. Rock music especially. I'm always listening to music.
4. I'm a teenager.
5. I realized that I was pansexual when I was about twelve or thirteen. That's why I hate it when people say "Oh, you're too young to really know." to other people. That's also why my parents don't know about my sexual orientation yet. I'm proud of it, I am, I'm just afraid of what they will say. They're very strict and very religious. Plus, people are treated differently if they have a different sexual orientation around here. People aren't necessarily treated badl all the time. . . just different. I can't really explain it very well. At least, that's what it's like where I live.
Well, that's all I'm going to type for now. If you want to talk, send a message or whatever. Adios!

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Faberry, Valkubus, SQ....and then they done sex! [userpic]

I wrote this for a very special girl, I hope you like it.

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I'm Amelica (or Micaela) I'm 19 years old. And honestly I don't know if I'm a pansexual.... in other forum where we were discussing about sexuality I started asking me why am I supposed to be a girl and what being a girl means.
Does anyone born being a woman or is it a social construction? or both? does a girl with male genitalia "less" woman than woman with female genitalia?
if it's a social construction, why can't i construct other way to tag myself? why am I supposed to be woman or man anyway?

I though I was bi because I felt attracted to "woman" in some opportunities
I really don't know if I'm a pansexual because I think I don't know enough about it
Other girl said i was a "queer", anyway

Any questions?

I'll give you this :) I'll found it cute

bialogue [userpic]

Sometimes we don’t have to look too far to find the people who persecute members of the LGBTQ+ Community(s).

Please check your own privileges at the door: Queer-On-Queer hate Bingo

Be honest. How many of these have you used? And how many of these have been used against you?

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Maniac Tenshi [userpic]

You may call me Maniac, Tenshi, or even Crona-chan.
I'm an anime/manga (specifically Soul Eater)-obsessed 17 year old female, who is also a budding artist who someday will write novels, manga, doujinshi, sing, travel, and voice act. I plan to at the very least study psychology if I find myself not up to becoming one.
Though I'd be curious as I grew into my teen years, I began questioning my sexuality extensively last year when developing an affection for an androgynous character (say what you will, but characters are based to be realistic), and have been able to comfortably identify myself as Pansexual. Currently I'm single and wondering who I shall fall in love with one day, but that doesn't get in my way of caring for every person in some way and enjoying the beautiful bonds of friendship and family.
Thank you for reading, ciao~

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Hi! Nice to meet everybody! I'm Auraquartzheart! Just wanted to say hello. I just recently discovered that I not actually bisexual but in fact the term pansexual is much more correct when describing my sexuality. I'm still trying to figure it all out. I'm currently dating a female! I'm pagan, and yogi! I'm very new to live journal. I'd like to connect with others that have similar interests to myself and make some new friends hopefully. And that's it! I'm a welcoming and very open spirit! Contact me anytime! Strangers welcome~:)

bialogue [userpic]

says Alex on Tumblr, "When I was with James this week I wrote a little poem about gender and decided to draw a comic for said poem. Hope you guys enjoy!"

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