; (maycontain) wrote in i_am_pansexual,

Member survey!

Posting a little member survey of sorts, to get some discussion flowing.

1. What sexuality is your partner? Or, if you are currently single but have dated in the past, what was the sexual preference of your last partner? If you have not dated, skip on to the next question.

2. Do you feel it is important or unimportant to have the same sexuality as your mate? If you have a moment, please state why.

3. Have you every dated someone who did not fit into the restrictive gender categories of male or female? If so, what was their preferred title for their gender identity

4. Are you open about your pansexuality? If so, on what level (meaning just to friends, just to family, everyone, etc)?

5. If you had to describe pansexuality to someone who had not heard the term before, what would you say about it? (This one is important, I am looking to update our user info with some comments from our members, if you'd like your answer to be eligible to be posted with credit given to your username of course, please say so after your comment, if you do not give permission, feel free to answer just for the sake of answering, I'll only use comments if you give permission to do so, thanks!).

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