Maniac Tenshi (tenshi_makenshi) wrote in i_am_pansexual,
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You may call me Maniac, Tenshi, or even Crona-chan.
I'm an anime/manga (specifically Soul Eater)-obsessed 17 year old female, who is also a budding artist who someday will write novels, manga, doujinshi, sing, travel, and voice act. I plan to at the very least study psychology if I find myself not up to becoming one.
Though I'd be curious as I grew into my teen years, I began questioning my sexuality extensively last year when developing an affection for an androgynous character (say what you will, but characters are based to be realistic), and have been able to comfortably identify myself as Pansexual. Currently I'm single and wondering who I shall fall in love with one day, but that doesn't get in my way of caring for every person in some way and enjoying the beautiful bonds of friendship and family.
Thank you for reading, ciao~


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