Amelica (amelica) wrote in i_am_pansexual,

hello community :)

I'm Amelica (or Micaela) I'm 19 years old. And honestly I don't know if I'm a pansexual.... in other forum where we were discussing about sexuality I started asking me why am I supposed to be a girl and what being a girl means.
Does anyone born being a woman or is it a social construction? or both? does a girl with male genitalia "less" woman than woman with female genitalia?
if it's a social construction, why can't i construct other way to tag myself? why am I supposed to be woman or man anyway?

I though I was bi because I felt attracted to "woman" in some opportunities
I really don't know if I'm a pansexual because I think I don't know enough about it
Other girl said i was a "queer", anyway

Any questions?

I'll give you this :) I'll found it cute

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