raven1998 (raven1998) wrote in i_am_pansexual,

Woo! I'm pansexual! :D

So, I'm 14, my name is Raven, and I started question my sexuality around the age of 10, when a girl said something to me that made my heart skip a beat, even though she was only kidding around. It felt natural, and I explored these feelings. I knew I liked girls and guys, but I thought for a bit I might be transgender, because I didn't feel like a girl inside. After a bit of experimentation and research, I came to terms with me being pansexual, gender blind and gender neutral. :D I'm very proud of it too!
I came out as a bisexual because not many people know what pansexuality is down here (Oklahoma). When I was 12, almost 13, the summer before 7th grade, I came out to a friend, and she told people, and I lost all of my friends (and boyfriend of nearly 3 years, mind you) because they were too young and judgmental to understand. >.< I went through a year and a half of bullying and learning to make new friends, but recently my best friend (whom I was in love with, complicated story) backstabbed me and she and I no longer talk, so I am at a loss of friends once more. Soon, 8th grade will be over and I will be going to school online for freshman year. :)

Message me if you have any kind of question! I'm open-minded and I never judge.

~<3 Raven

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