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Franziska Schrder
Franziska Schrder

Changeing from Bisexual to Pansexual

Hi Folks!
I´m new to this site. And so I thought I may leave my Story here. So you can pick it up, read it and maybe leave a comment.

I figured out that I also was also attracted to Girls in a very young Age. The Household I grew up was very Open minded. So when I became 13-14 I began to saw myself more and more as Bisexual. I never had a "real" Coming Out. To my Parents I just mentioned it when our Conversations came to the Dating Topic. And I said
"maybe I would like to have a Girlfriend as well as a Boyfriend".
My Father where very cool about it, since the first second. He absolutely accepted it as part of me.
I´t wasn´t like "I don´t care", but more like "I understand, think it´s cool you don´t lie about it and its absolutely ok for me as long as you are happy".
I´m still overwhelmed, reminding how much he understood it.
On my Mothers side it wasn´t like bad. More the typical frases like "How could you know,yet?"
"Woulnd´t you date a Boy first?" "Aren´t you to young to know for sure?", stuff like that.
The worst Expierence I had on that was that I told a (I thought) close Friend, saying that´s very sensitive Topic for me and I wish her to don´t tell anybody at school. But guess what happend. Yeah...of curse two Days later people rushed on me asking if its true. And in the end of that week Bisexual became Lesbian.
But I did try to stand strong, not hiding anything. Just said "Yeah I like both sexes and I am totally fine with that" and sometimes tried to explain it properly to the People who where open enought to listen.

Since that Time I never made a big deal out of being Bi. I was in a long term Relationship with a Man.
But I never felt like "oh I´m straight now". Never! I never lost my apetite on Woman.
So If I considered myself "Bisexual", why I´m Posting in a Pansexual Community you may Wonder.

Cuz I changed or let´s better say realized, that Bi don´t fits my view on that whole Thing anymore.
The last few Months I watched a lot of Transgender Videos on Youtube. Not because I feel that Way. I´m absolutely ok being a Woman. But rather interrested in the Topic. And I saw myself getting more and more into it. And that as long that I can find something attracting on a Person. Like the Way they move, Parts of their Bodys or their Vioce. I wouln´t mind if he or she is in the middle of Transformation. That The sexual Identity or the biological Sex doesn´t count for me in the Fact If I could have an Releationship with someone.
And so I find myself much more comfortable, finding a word that describes my Feeling so well.

So If you Consider to Comment on that Post. Which I would be very happy about. Than I would like to talk about your Experience with being Pansexual and the Fact its so unknown in Society.

Have a inspired time!

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