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Hi! Nice to meet everybody! I'm Auraquartzheart! Just wanted to say hello. I just recently discovered that I not actually bisexual but in fact the term pansexual is much more correct when describing my sexuality. I'm still trying to figure it all out. I'm currently dating a female! I'm pagan, and yogi! I'm very new to live journal. I'd like to connect with others that have similar interests to myself and make some new friends hopefully. And that's it! I'm a welcoming and very open spirit! Contact me anytime! Strangers welcome~:)
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So I guess I should go ahead and give a general rundown of some important things about me:

1) Hi, I'm Jessie

2) I identify as a pansexual woman

3) I believe in god (you can ask more about the specifics of that if you want)

4) Music makes me happy

5) I'm kinda shy, but I really want to meet new people

6) I'm currently in college

I'm not quite sure what else to say. My life generally consists of going to class, working, playing video games, blogging/vlogging from time to time, and hanging out with friends. I believe that honesty is the best policy and that being in any kind of relationship (friendship, romantic, familial, ect) requires an exchange of energy and emotion. feel free to contact me :)

Glad to hear who I am

For years I never knew how to describe me. When I dated, I considered myself Bi but never could see having a relationship with either gender, as anything but normal. I had relationships with both men and with women. I never had a preference for either but just wanted someone that made me feel human.

I will admit that I had more men in my life than women, but have been married to another woman (GG) for many years. She is my soul mate, my confidante, my friend and my partner in life. I have to admit that ours was not a smooth ride but lately she seems to have found an inner peace about us. We have found something that I've searched for most of my life. ACCEPTANCE
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Hey, I'm posting an intro.. exciting :)

I'm from New York and I'm pansexual. Most often then not, I'm attracted to females and trans-people, but I go with the flow. Whoever I like, I like -there's no remote for attraction. I love a good laugh and can have a perverse sense of humor. Ummm... Tiramisu is my favorite desert, I'm an animal lover, kids annoy me, and I believe jogging is the best form of exercise. 

Some days I'm happy and energetic. Other days I'm depressed and have to cheer myself up again. Anyone that is trying to cheer me up has a hard time, but people who really know me... know the secret: Tell me a really good joke. I'll pretend I'm not listening and crack up afterwards. 

I'm new and looking for people to chat with?
Bye! ~L
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where to begin

My name is Adriana, and my whole life I feel like I have been struggling to fit in.. until I finally did and then I came out of the closet.. i'm not saying I didnt have friends and that i was super lonely in highschool because I wasnt, I was just like an outsider I always felt excluded from activities that my friends would do because of my sexuality and the label i felt i needed to subscribe to when I was a kid. As I grew older, I began to realize that I love women and I love having sex with women, and I love being with women and the type of support and love that they offer but I also learned that I love being with men, I have never ventured into a relationship with a man, but I definately have had some friends here and there that take care of me in times of need. Does that make me a slut? lol Idk i dont want to come off wrong I definately am not unfaithful to my partners, but if i'm single and i want to get it on its most likely going to be with a man. theres something about it.

I'm complicated


Incredible bored and can't sleep at the moment. I stumbled upon this site page, and even though it seems pretty inactive i thought i would post an intro like others.
I'm ninteen, I'm from the UK, and as the saying goes, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.
I struggle with serious depression and social anxiety, unfortunately. I rarely leave my room let alone the house.
I have quite a lot of self loathing thoughts going on. I feel as if my personallity and intellect as worthless. I'm pansexual, for crying out load, yet i see myself as ugly and shizzle but i don't see others in the same light.
It also sucks feeling that barely anyone is like me. I'll admit i'm quite judgmental, and i find it really hard connecting with people. A lot of people i just push away as i can't stand people that chase of looks, i can't stand people that rush into relationships and sex, i can't stand people that drink constantly, and i can't stand people that use hard drugs.
I guess i doomed to suffer......

Pansexual? Aren't you Bisexual?

Hey y'all! My name is Daisy. I'm 22 years old and I'm pan-sexual. I am currently living in Georgia but I hope to move up north (New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mass.) to live, marry my girlfriend and start a family. Most people don't understand when I tell them I'm pan-sexual. For instance, right now i am dating a woman so everyone calls me a Lesbian. And the same thing happens when I am dating a man. "She's Bi." Um, no..

I wanted to post on this page to find a few online friends that know what I am going through and can relate.
So feel feel to add me!
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Hi, my name is Kaylee and I'm new to both livejournal and this community. I figured the best way to start things off was to follow everyone else"s example and post an introduction. :)

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Introducing myself

Hi everyone,

I am going to follow in everyone footsteps and introduce myself.

I am from down under (Australia). I did not even know of the term pansexual until today.

When I was younger I questioned my sexuality, wondering if I was bisexual etc.

I do not like people very easily, it takes a lot for me to like someone.

recent years, I have come to the realisation I do not need to define
myself. I thought it through and realised I do ont discriminate against
someones gender and like them for who they are. To me, people are

I was telling a friend and they mentioned the word
"pansexual". Now it is so much clearer and it all makes sense now. So
now I do have a "category" so to speak.

It is awesome to know others feel the same way.