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i_am_pansexual's Journal

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Pansexual and Proud of it
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I am pan·sex·u·al
are you?

Do you love someone who is androgynous? Someone who doesn't fit into the restricting categories of male or female? Does gender not matter to you when choosing a partner? Then you may be pansexual.

A pansexual is one who can love sexuality in many forms, regardless of physical, social or personal gender identity.

We are here to help support pansexuals, discuss pansexual issues and bring pansexuals closer together. It's basically an open forum for pansexuals to talk about whatever they like... If you have questions not covered, join and ask, one of us will be happy to answer.


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What the internet has to say...

• Pansexuality is a sexual orientation, distinct from bisexuality and characterized by a potential aesthetic attraction, romantic love and/or sexual desire for anybody, including those people who do not fit into the gender binary of male/female implied by bisexual attraction. It is sometimes described as the capacity to love a person romantically, irrespective of gender. Some pansexuals also claim that gender and sex are meaningless to them. - Wikapedia

• I think pansexual is a broader term than bisexual because it includes not only loving both men and women but also transgendered people and gender fluid people who do not feel they fit into categories of male or female. - Lesbian Glossary

• Pansexual describes individuals whose attraction to people is not limited by their biological status or by their gender preference. It also refers to a sort of movement that embraces and encourages open expression of gender and partner preference regardless of sex. - Everything2

• Someone who is attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender... - URNotAlone

• A group which is open to members of all sexual orientations or gender identities - Urban Dictionary

What our members had to say...

• Well, I've always heard that love isn't about physical things, right? And while gender is a societal thing, sex is physical. When someone says they're straight or gay, they have a preference for a certain sex, not gender; straight men don't prefer women and feminine men who fulfill a woman's gender, they prefer biological females. It's a physical preference, and for me those don't have to do with love. To say "I will only romantically pursue biological males" would be about like saying "I will only pursue blond women", to me, it's a needless distinction that could stand in the way of love. I love people based on who they are, and though each gender is different, I don't have a preference. - die_monster

• Pansexuality to me is about loving people for who they are not what they are - cordite

• Pansexuality is love and attraction unlimited by confines of labeled genders. It is attraction to a human being, not a gender. - nil_chan

• Being pansexual means that you believe in finding love outside of the traditional gender boundaries. It may also mean you find those that don't fit the typical male/female roles sexually attractive. Sometimes it simply means you'll fall for someone and it won't matter what their exterior gender is or isn't. Pansexuality is about loving the personality inside. - pawsrpg

• Pansexuality is loving/being attracted to/etc. anyone, regardless of gender. It is not about being attracted to anything regardless of species, and it has nothing to do with goats (those are very common questions, sadly.) It is about understanding and accepting that there are more than just two genders -- the male and the female. We love androgynous people, transsexuals, gender-fluid people, cross-dressers, and many more. 'Bisexual' presumes there are only two genders, and is a bit restrictive for describing our preference. - nightlove

• Think of bisexual. It is similar to that. The difference is that pansexuals aren't confined to just men or women but also transsexuals, transgendered, and gender fluid people. Basically, if I like someone I won't halt myself becauase they similar or different to me. I will love them for the person they are and find beauty in the person they are without the barriers of gender. - nichire

• Love is love. I'm not attracted to every single person, but my definition of attractiveness isn't gender-limited. Both genders have their attractive traits, so mixing and matching across the line can make things even better. - tenshirei

• Heterosexuality means that you're attracted to members of the opposite sex. Homosexuality means that you're attracted to members of the same sex. Bisexuality means that you're attracted to members of both sexes. Pansexuality goes beyond all of these by throwing out the idea that gender is restricted to these polar opposites, and opens up appreciation of all individuals as individuals and not necessarily simply as subsets of their body-type. - dumblemop

• I, personally, define pansexuality as not being restricted by binary gender restrictions on any level. It does not affect who i date, what i wear, how i act, or how I live. Although there are many personalized definitions of pansexuality, this is how I identify with the term - ziggyblinx

• I am pansexual. This means that gender is irrelevant to me. I disagree with societies gender binary system. There are a lot more than just two genders and many people don't identify with male or female. People can fall somewhere in between these so called extremes, or be at both ends, totally off the scale or change from minute to minute. I believe in exploding the gender binary and distroying the traditional constructs of gender. - ilikerivers

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